Today there has been numerous accounts on twitter bashing Taec telling him he’s nothing, he’s an awful person, and go commit suicide. This has got to end, those guys are diligently working their tails off right now and the last thing they need is some ignorant person attacking for no reason. It makes me sick to my stomach to see someone out of no where do this at a crucial time right now when he’s under so much pressure with promotion and tours.

Please if you have the heart report these accounts to Twitter to get them removed and send Taec positive love and energy because there is no excuse for this childish nonsense. They’ve been through hell and back with so much in their career and this negative energy is not what they need.

Lets support our beastly idols and show these ungrateful ingrates that The Hottest will not take this and we will fight for our guys. Start trending: #welovetaec to show that we love and care for him and get that scum away from him. We must protect our Beastly Idols guys and lets do it now. Taec twitter account is: taeccool

Twitter accounts to report:






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    WHAT!!!”where they at where they at”in madea voice seriously whats their problem?? they should get jobs and stop what...
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    WTH?!! HATERS! smfh!
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    it’s something normal for an idol to get hate so I’m sure he’s already seen a lot of antis by now so I don’t think he’s...
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